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Art_GradBknd_250My wife, Laura, and I have been involved with mind, body and wellness since the mid 1980’s.  In 2007, we began our education in skin care as part of our own health and wellness regimen.

The first thing we discovered was that skin care formulas were, and are to this day,  too expensive!  So, we started our own company for people, like us, who want a line of super-premium formulas at a reasonable price.  Thus, Skin Care Member!

I’m not new to the health and fitness industry.  Over the years, I’ve worked with several Fortune 500 companies, hospitals and fitness organizations including Beckman Medical Instruments, Blue Ridge Hospital Corp., SporTelesis, Inc., Nutritionalysis (proprietary to Gold’s Gyms), California Fitness and LA Lifestyle to help develop  education-based fitness and health management programs.  I continue to work with the fitness industry providing health education materials for trainers, clubs and corporate wellness programs.

Laura is a Marriage and Family Therapist.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from Cal State University in Long Beach and earned a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pepperdine University in 1990. She has served as a marriage and family therapist for more than 22 years.  To learn more about my wife, here’s her website.

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