5-Step Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment with Rosemary & Mint Salt Scrub

For Spa Professionals & Enthusiasts

Step 1 — Setting Up the Massage Bed

Cover a massage table with a cotton sheet followed by a plastic sheet. Keep a small face towel and bath towel on the center of the massage table.

Step 2 — Client Preparation

Your client or friend should be instructed to wear disposable bikini pants. Covers client’s or friend’s hair with shower cap. Client/friend should step up on stool to the bed and lie down on stomach with hands at hip-side.

Step — 3 Application of Rosemary & Mint Salt Scrub

You should wear surgical gloves and apply the salt scrub with hands to massage gently into the skin. You should typically begin with the feet and work toward the lege, hips, back and shoulders. Next, the excess salt should be removed from the body with a dampened sea sponge and then towel-dried off with washcloth.

Your client/friend should next be instructed to turn onto his/her back.  The chest area is covered with a small towel. The body scrub continues again beginning with the feet and working upward toward the legs, stomach, and décolleté, finishing with the arms and hands.

Excess salt should be removed with a dampened sea sponge and then towel-dried off with towel.

Step 4 — Preparations for Client Massage

Your client/friend should be helped off the massage table and draped with a terry-cloth robe. At this point you should change the bed for massage.

Step 5 — Setting the Massage Bed

You should remove the plastic sheet from table.  Place a heat pad under the cotton sheet and turn it on high setting.

A clean bath towel should be placed at center of the bed.   A pillow should be placed at head of table covered with a hand towel. Your client/friend should disrobe and be helped onto the bed. You should proceed to give your client/friend a relaxing fifteen-minute massage with the Massage Crème.

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