Earth, Sea and Mud

Earth & Sea Body Mud – Spa Body Treatment

For Skin Care Professionals and Enthusiasts

Use a Massage Crème on the back, shoulders, chest or any areas where skin needs toning, brightening and refined texture. Remove any excess massage crème with a warm cloth.

  • Set up a massage table as follows: Heating pad, covered by clean sheet, covered by plastic sheet. Set your heating pad or heating blanket on low.
  • Instruct client to lie face down, nude, except for disposable panties. Make sure their hair is pulled back from the face and secured with a hair band or cap.
  • Brush body with a dry brush to exfoliate the dead skin and promote circulation. Brush each part of the body 3 times working up from the extremities toward the neck, and always brushing toward the heart.
  • Apply Earth & Sea Body Mud to back of entire body in an even, opaque coating.  Have client turn over, face up. Place one pillow under the head and on under the knees (beneath the fabric sheets) to prevent back discomfort. Repeat the brushing procedure and masque application to entire front of the body.
  • Grab edges of plastic and fabric sheets together and wrap around the customer like a mummy. Let customer rest for 15-30 minutes. Dim the lights.
  • Within a few minutes they will start to sweat.  Be sure to check on them every 5 minutes and offer water in a cup with a straw.  You should NOT leave the room while your client is in the wrap — in case they become overheated or uncomfortable.
  • After 30 minutes remove the wrap carefully. Carefully cut the plastic wrap with scissors, if necessary, and discard. Have your client shower with water and rinse. While they are in the shower clean the massage bed and change the fabric sheet.
  • To help the lymphatic system flush the released toxins from the body follow the body masque treatment with a 30-minute relaxing massage using the Massage Crème (to improve circulation and water retention, you can add a few drops of Capsicum Hot Rub to Massage Crème). A very small amount of Capsicum Hot Rub goes a long way! Start by adding very little and increase to desired heat. Mixture should be no more than 3 parts Massage Crème to 1 part Capsicum Hot Rub.
  • After the massage, spray Ginseng Mineral Toner on the feet, and towel dry to remove excess residue. Offer client a large glass of water or decaf Herbal Tea, and instruct them to drink water throughout the day.

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