Hand Massage

Hand Massage

Use one of the following:

  • Massage Crème
  • Shea Body Butter Crème,
  • Almond Avocado Body Lotion
  • Citrus & White Tea Blossom Body Lotion
  • Floral Spice Body Lotion.


Step 1:
AHA/BHA Lipo Serum or Luminous Peptide Serum, apply all over hand forearm until Serum absorbs into the skin. Apply AHA Mint Masque, Soft Papaya Pumpkin Masque or Earth & Sea Body Mud and let set for 5 minutes.

Step 2:
Wrap hand with plastic and/or wrap with a warm cloth for 5 to 10 minutes.

After Treatment Hydrate

Step 1

AHA/BHA Lipo Serum or Luminous Peptide Serum; apply and let absorb into the skin. Apply Restorative Marine Moisturizer, Shea Body Butter Crème or Almond Avocado Body Lotion. Use Luminous Peptide Serum to help eliminate discolorations. Advanced Protection SPF 30 can be a follow up to this treatment to block UVA damaging rays.

Step 2:

To prevent age sunspots on the hands, apply the Advanced Protection SPF 30 in the morning.

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